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Position:Professional I.E Specialist

Company:Elegant Team Manufacturer Limited

Address: Lot I2-03, I2-04, Que Vo IZ, Phuong Mao, Queue Vo, Bac Ninh

Work Location: BacNinh

Salary and benefits:

  • – Attractive salary depending on experience and qualification
  • – 13th salary and annual performance bonus
  • – 24h insurance from probation period
  • – Contribute the SI, HI, UI according to labor law
  • – Promotion chances to Supervisor level
  • – Working in multi-national environment
  • – Company provides car pick up from Hanoi to BacNinh

What You Will Do

The candidate for this job needs to be a professional in
• CMT calculation (GSD)
• Style simplification and method improvement
• Making and approving Operation Bulletins
• Planning and implementing Manpower requirements into production lines
• Responsible for coordinating with other departments:
• Pre-production activities with Planning and Production department
• Cutting planning and finishing planning with Management
• Style allocation, capacity and line planning with Sewing and Planning department
• Training progress (fresh and multiple skill) with Sewing and HR department
• Implement training requirements like training plan, method training for new workers as well as existing workforce
• Monitor training Centre in order to achieve the direct carder requirement in company and carry out necessary technical training in order to multi-skilling the sewing operators and Floaters
• Ensure that the modules & trainees achieve the efficiency and method standards set when graduating from the Training Center. Proper maintenance of records on quality is essential for continuous improvement.
• Productivity Analysis
• Data Analysis
• The candidate need to audit groups / lines to ensure, the operation bulletin and group/line layout is followed by supervisors
• Monitoring and auditing I.E. activities in all units
• Employee production incentive report monitoring and approval
• Expected that the candidate is interested in working on new projects and suggesting advanced techniques in garment manufacturing
• Expected that the candidate does research and explore new machinery and latest systems that meets company’s long term goals and preparing cost benefit analysis and ROI for the same
• Candidate must take initiative on lean manufacturing, learning of lean tools and looking for scope of implementation in the factory
• Candidate needs to involve himself in research and development for samples, prior to production start.
• Execute daily production line auditing including yield analysis and continuous improvement activities
• Perform statistical analysis for cost reduction, quality improvement and improved efficiency
• Recommend and implement improvements to production processes, methods and controls

What You Are Good At

Education, Training, Professional Certification and Work Experience:
• Degree/National Diploma in Industrial Engineering or Garment & Textile technology
•  5+ years’ experience working in a manufacturing/engineering environment
•  Experience working on individual and team projects with successful results
Knowledge and Skills Requirements:
•  Must be familiar with a variety of manufacturing processes
• Must be familiar with SMV and correct methods, achieving these results
•  Strong communication and interpersonal skills to enable coordination of projects within departments and outside consultants.
• Strong leadership ability
•  Has demonstrated ability of initiative; able to work effectively in a team
•  English proficiency

About Our Company

Elegant Team Manufacturer LimitedLot I2-03, I2-04, Queue Vo IZ, Phuong Mao, Que Vo, Bac Ninh

Contact person: Mrs. PhươngLâm
Company size: 500-999

Based in Que Vo Industrial Zone, BacNinh City, Elegant Team Manufacturer Ltd (ETM) is growing from a Hong Kong based company called Elegant Team Development that has been doing business in Vietnam since 2000. Its core business is outerwear to Europe’s high quality Customers. Operating with international management and advanced equipment, the company will ensure the advance working environment and competitive salary to successful candidates.
If you are proactive, innovative and a hard working person, who believes in your ability and eager to learn and work in challenging environment with opportunities, we welcome you to join Elegant Team Manufacturer Ltd.

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