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Hanes is based in Winston-Salem, N.C., and with $4.63 billion in sales in 2013, we are ranked No. 530 on the Fortune 1000 list. We have approximately 49,700 employees in more than 25 countries.
Founded in 1901, Hanes has a long history of innovation, product excellence and brand recognition. We revolutionized Tagless T-shirts and underwear, we invented the sports bra, and we were the first to advertise a bra on national television (Playtex). We are now using our Innovate-to-Elevate strategy to integrate our brand superiority, industry-leading innovation and low-cost global supply chain to provide higher valued products while lowering production costs.
Location: Dan Tien Commune, Khoai Chau District, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam
Company Size1,000 - 4,999 staffs
Position Title                                                   Industrial Engineering Supervisor
Department                                                     Industrial Engineering Department
Reports to                                                       Industrial Engineering Manager
Job Function/Purpose
Manage engineering for one workshop at the facility
Position Dimensions
Exempt Direct Reports to                  0
Non-exempt Direct Reports               4
Hourly Direct Reports                        0
Primary Responsibilities
  1. New style details need transfer to IN Line IE
  2. Giving the Information about  Re-Train DLO
  3. Responsible for Packing method & issued specification
  4. Meeting with Inline IE about DLO Efficiency
  5. loss time need to Maintain to get minimize
  6. Responsible to keep ready all equipment for line Feeding.
  7. Maintain with checking GSD/ACI/NSI  SAH issued in shop floor
  8. Responsible to issue all correct specification to the IE
  9. Work place improvements need to do for easy methods.
  10. Responsible to keep the IE with proper training with proper tools
  11. Quick decision need for substitute material use for production.
  12. Identify Low efficiency DLO with proper reason
  13. Join some project as: audit, kaizen, cost saving project…
  14. Responsible for Kaizen projects
Experience/Skills/Education Requirements:
Education/Degree: University graduate (textiles or engineering degree is preferred)
Knowledge and experience required:
- At least 3 to 4 years working experience in the same position for large company’s size
- Good command in English, both oral and written
- Good at Microsoft office/excel/PowerPoint...
- Good at process improvement (based on LEAN, GSD, SAH, PDCA, Line balancing…)
- Good at Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001, 5S, Process-Quality Tools…).
- Have wide knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and efficiency
- Hard working and trying to learn and catch up with the work demand
- Able to work successfully and productively in a team environment or independently and deal with multi-tasks effectively
- Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and challenging environment
- Active person
- High integrity and good working attitude
For more information, please contact us as follows:
Ms. Phuong, HR Specialist, HR Department, Hanesbrands Vietnam,
Email: Phuong.dinh@hanes.com
Mobile: +84 985892023

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